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MINIMUN: 2 hours minimum. After 2 hours. We charge 15 minutes increment.
PAYMENT: Payment is due in full at end of your move you may pay cash or credit card 5% processing fee —- No personal check.


TIPS: if you think the movers do a great job and they take care of your items.

They expect a tip is always complementary (IS NOT MANDATORY) is always good to tip 20% or more of your total bill.

LOCAL AREA: Whenever we go out of our local area (San Francisco CA) time back applies on the bill


OVERTIME: After 8 hours on your bill we charge time and half pro- rated into fifteen-minute increment- double time after 10 hours. For afternoon appointments overtime does not apply only if we do more than 8 hours on your invoice also, does not apply for flat rates.


CANCELATIONS: Your move has been scheduled: a 1 hour fee will be charged for any changes or cancellations. Please double check with escrow, buildings management, truck rental agencies, or facilities for scheduling conflicts.


INVENTORY LIST: Please provide us with inventory list and this confirmation sheet no later than five days before your moving date. List all your items from heaviest/largest to smallest include any miscellaneous items, special care instructions and a close estimate of boxes. Please include your name the date and time of your move, driving directions any special instructions, contact names and phone numbers. We will call you 2 days before your move to discuss any last questions and confirm unless you do it over the chat.


The more prepared, the less time your move will take and save $$$.


PACKING REQUIREMENTS: Tape boxes – top and bottom keep box weight under 40lbs per box (TV’S boxed appliances etc. are exceptions). Heavy duty plastic bags may be used for clothing, pillow, towels, etc. no paper bags. We will bring up to 6 wardrobe boxes for your hanging clothes.


VALUABLES: is important to report to the movers. An extremely or delicated piece of fuirniture or something important to you so they can take extra care an care.


ITEMS WE DO NOT MOVE: Jewelry, or jewelry boxes or other valuable personal items. We also don’t move flammables such as propane tanks or other dangerous items.


FURNITURE: Max weight allowed for single items with a 2 man crew= 200lbs a three person crew is required for 200-300lbs. pieces exceeding our weight limits, and furniture containing “particle board” may be moved but only at Your Own Risk. Please empty all drawers and inform us about any custom or antique furniture or pieces of extreme value.


Items not properly packed are move at your own risk


TRUCK SIZE: Our 20ft truck holds an average three bedroom apartment. We will only be responsible for moving items that fit into the truck on the first trip; a 2nd trip can be made at regular cost, time permitting. We also have a 16ft truck for smaller moves, a 16ft can hold an average of 1 bedroom apartment.

PARKING: It is often possible to reserve parking by calling your local authority or at a charge will apply. If no appropriate parking is available when the crew arrives, the driver may double park. In the rare instance that parking results in a ticket, the price of the ticket will be added to your bill. Please inform us of any Cable Car lines. Muni tracks or other parking difficulties.


NOTE: We will make every effort to avoid damage to buildings (Walls, doors entrances, etc.) and items being moved. We will exercise reasonable care and handling of all items. Restrictive passageways, large, awkward pieces, etc. may inadvertently be damaged due to their Vary, nature, even when reasonable care is exhibited. Under these circumstances, or as well as in customer assisted moves, we will not be liable for damage or injury, as these factors constitute a “Risky Move’’


PROPERTY INSPECTION: This means that we have inspect all your goods and property to write and take pictures of damages or state of yours current places and belongings. This is as for of protecting your goods and also the place you’re moving out and also the place your moving in doing the property inspection you are insuring that all your items are going to get to the new location the same way they are at your current place. You can accept or declined at your current or pick up address and accept or declined at your drop off address. If you declined and there is no way to prove that we did that damage we refuse to repair or make arrangement to settle the claim. You can also say that you only care not for everything for example (my floor just got redone so please lets us do it for the floor only, or you can say that something that you own is antique or you really care about so we can check that out)


TIPS: tips are always complementary but most of the time your movers go above and beyond to earn that extra tips so we advise to tip 20% or more since they are expecting is always complementary to do so.

I have read, understand, and agree to the above stipulations. Thank you again for choosing, Larro’s Moving Services.

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